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North York • Since 1996
811 � 6021 Yonge Street
Toronto · ON · M2M 3W2
Telephone: 416-733-7691


It is hard for most of us to understand the plight of the homeless who are destitute, without a home address or telephone number, no place to get washed and changed.

They might be mentally confused, or simply downtrodden in life and spirit. Without a fixed address, it is very difficult for homeless people to find and maintain any job. With no income and no accommodation, the homeless become dependent on assistance from friends, family, the local community, charities, and kind-hearted people like YOU.

Although the existing problems can be overwhelming, we work hard to bring hope, joy, and a little happiness into the life of underprivileged, neglected, lonely seniors. LET�S REACH OUT! Together we can ease some of the pain and suffering of such disadvantaged people.

Due to circumstances often beyond their control, many people reach their senior years experiencing more hardships than ever before, making life almost unbearable.

They are neglected, homeless, hungry, often abused, without hope and in many cases in poor health. Most of these people had labored all their lives, and they still end up with nothing to show for a lifetime of struggle.

This may be the result of some physical or mental illness or other disability, or escaping domestic abuse, or various other factors. Also, not everybody has the talent, the education, the knowledge or the opportunities to save enough for old age.


The high cost of living combined with lack of income has forced many people onto the street. Places where people were once allowed to congregate freely, such as churches, public libraries, shopping malls and other public places, adopted stricter measures as the homeless population grew larger and less manageable. Many places hired private security guards to keep the undesirable homeless out. Many public toilets were also closed. So the homeless people were banished to sidewalks, parks, under bridges and the like.

We support shelters where the homeless can go, instead of living on the streets. There they can be helped, get meals, have access to toilet and laundry facilities and to counseling, avail themselves of other resources, and spend their day.

These and our various other programs for seniors are made possible thanks to generous people like you. When someone needs our help, it is comforting to know that others care and we will be there for that someone.

Dear Friend, let's share some of our good fortune with the less fortunate. Please be generous, and make a tax-creditable donation now, so that we can carry on our work.

On behalf of all the seniors and homeless who benefit from our programs, we thank you for your generous support!